Félix Guattari | Molecular Revolution

Félix Guattari; Molecular Revolution: Psychiatry and Politics (Full book)

translated by Rosemary Sheed


This collection of essays has been translated from two of Guattari’s most influential works, Psychanalyse et transversalité an La Révolution moléculaire.

Politics, philosophy, linguistic, psychoanalysis, sociology all have their particular partisans. Here Guattari fights for intellectual mobility, proposing to break down these discipline barriers and to bring their languages together to confront some of the crucial issues of post-Marxist European politics. Attacking the English tendency towards micro-specialism, he offers us a quirky, tough and exciting analysis of recent developments in Europe. An analysis that pushes forward the radical debate of people like Foucault, Roland Barthes and Baudrillard.

Best-known for L’Anti-Oedipe which he wrote with Gilles Deleuze, Guattari set out as a psychoanalyst in the Lacan school. He has been politically involved for many years and played a major role in the events of May 1968. Molecular Revolution will be of enormous interest to those involved in the revolution begun R.D. Laing and David Cooper and to everyone interested in the new wave of European thought.


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