Jean-Marie Gleize | A Preparatory Act | Insurrection [8th December 2018: Julien Coupat preemptively arrested]



Saturday, 8 December 2018:  Julien Coupat preemptively arrested 


a preparatory act …


successive laws has constructed a system
of emergency powers which renews the lois scélérates

the charge of “criminal conspiracy
to commit a terrorist act”

it takes only two people to constitute a
“terrorist group” and it takes only a preparatory

act for the infraction to be so defined.
This preparatory act is not specified

relation—even tenuous or remote, even
love or friendship—with any of the

opposed to common law which criminalizes the acts,
the antiterrorist approach

implicated in a terrorist activity without having to
establish a link between this activity and

books to become an incriminating factor, because they
are said to constitute evidence of opinions;

terrorist for the police to receive
investigative powers: search-warrant

48 hours in common law to 96 hours, even 144 in
antiterrorist proceedings. The

awaiting potential trial the presumed innocent might
spend as many as four years

with the intelligence service. Juryless Assize Courts
were equally to be

parallel system is thus empowered with examining magistrates,
prosecutors, judges

that antiterrorism is now a technique of government, a
mode for managing populations.

contaminates the common law: the antiterrrorist
legislation served as a model

generalizing the notion of the “organized gang,” expanding the
powers of the investigative bureaus.

It would be illusory to the demand that this procedural regime be applied in
manners less broad or less: it is designed to be
applied precisely as it is.









That night the wind was blowing above the ferns. The
sky had fallen like a metal shutter.

The scene was almost invisible and mute. One could
hear footsteps.


… knocking overbit by bit, all the obstacles

… making each sentence into a fire stand



the folly of an order

On eleven November at 5 a.m. the police cross Toy-Viam with dogs.
The five access roads to the village of Tarnac are blocked.
The village is sealed.
A helicopter surveys the zone.

150 policemen
60 from the sdat (sous-direction de l’antiterrorisme)
50 from the dcri ( direction centrale du renseignement intérieur)
40 from the police judiciare in Limoges

The house searches begin.
They find
neither weapons, nor explosives, nor incendiary bombs, nor steel rein-
forcement bars, nor metal hooks.

Stretches of ferns, hedges of ferns, banks and beds of ferns.

A mask with fixed eyes gulps down the head of a bird.



Three men and two women are arrested, placed under
police custody and transferred to Levallois.
One of them is imprisoned Charged with Indicted for

no evidence
no material evidence fact or proof
no implement

for criminal conspiracy                                 for in relation
with relation
in the forest
(someone will answer that there is only continual forest, night and
rain, music)
or terrorist
of terror                under high trees under wood under cover

one or several cabins and electrical sabotage a
terrorist enterprise
He will be remanded into custody.
far from the river.
After his [three three three] demands to be released are rejected

in February the fourth month
in April the sixth month
but with no police record
degradations degradations

no material evidence no implement
no dna trace           no blood                no salvia
no trace nor prints                                            Thousands
of ferns.






“the sudden awareness of the constant insurrection of
the grass revives us”

“the flatness of the meadow having first of all
been said the sudden awakening to the constant
insurrection of the grass revives us”


A revolutionary movement  does not spread by
contamination                    But by resonance                                                                                                                                        Something that constitutes itself here      Resonates
with the shock wave given off by something that constituted
itself elsewhere        The body that resonates does so in
its own way             An insurrection is not like the
propagation of the plague or a forest fire a linear
process spreading little by little from a
spark      But rather this                    It becomes embodied in a
MUSICAL way         and whose focal points                   Dispersed
time and space manage            To impose the
rhythm of their VIBRATION                                                                                                                                                                                        To get ever more dense

to the point where one can no longer desire to turn back


Jean-Marie Gleize | Tarnac
Kenning Editions 2014
edited by Joshua Clover
translated by Joshua Clover, Abigail Lang, and Bonny Roy



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