Jean-Michel Mension | The Tribe

The Tribe
Contributions to the History of the Situationist International and Its Time

Full book: PDF


Jean-Michel Mension

“As for Guy, he succeeded, I gather, in working very little and living the life of the perpetual drinker and boozy thinker to perfection. For my part, I took a different route politically: I did work, unlike Guy, who says he never worked, but at bottom I think that we never changed. I still hold to the same positions, even if in my case they translate into quite different tactical political choices. The main thing is to persevere, to hold on to the end, the bitter end. […] We have to put everything back on the table, take a fresh look at everything, and commit a kind of harakiri of the mind: everyone should rethink their ideas, their political agenda, from the ground up. This is not to say that everything that has been done has been useless. There is a solution, and we must find it together. I still embrace our ideas of old, still believe that we must absolutely destroy this world—not just because Marx said so, and not just because the working class is the only class that is revolutionary to the end, but because neither I nor, I think, Guy can live in this society. I have always remained marginal; I have always been a drunk….”

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