The Gilets Jaunes: Understanding the movement(s) beyond final defeat or victory

The political soothsayers and diviners will cynically proclaim the yellow vests’ movement dead: Act XXI brought less than 25,000 people into the streets this last Saturday.

We however refuse to be political accountants. And rebellions and revolutions have never been about numbers, but about the intensity of the desires and creativity unleashed.

And we will continue to share the movement(s)’ voices.

Robert Filiou | Optimistic Box (“thank god for modern weapons & we don’t throw stones at each other any more”) 1968

Gilets Jaunes Victory Communique Nº 1

Victory: the anger that everyone thought was theirs to feel alone, was found to be felt by the greatest number!
Victory: the yellow vests shattered in the population the feeling of despondency and inevitability that gave to the powerful the certainty of having definitely won!
Victory: the roundabouts, areas without lives and very expensive for local authorities, became human places for encounters and sharing!
Victory: what was meant to manage traffic, to speed up fluidity and productivity has turned into spaces where time is spent without counting, chatting directly about life and the world!
Victory: State terrorism led by mutilations, LBD 40 [a flash-ball weapons model], military threats and unparalleled brutality failed to stop the protests, demonstrations and rallies, week after week!
Victory: despite the winter, the cold and the rain, the yellow vests continued to hold the roundabouts everywhere!
Victory: the State must deploy armored vehicles and pull down the mask of lies about democracy!
Victory: the police and surveillance services are caught off guard and are constantly confronted with situations whose logic escapes them!
Victory: the yellow vests movement has put an end to the false consensus in society, and finally enabled everyone to see those who want a common well-being and those who think only of their own interests!
Victory: despite all the blows, lies, slanders, insults, contempt that the media and politicians have constantly poured out, the yellow vests have not mixed in polemics and false debates!
Victory: starting from an opposition to taxes, the yellow vests entered onto the field of a radical questioning of society!
Victory: the labels, automatisms and political fetishes have been scrapped in favor of concrete practices!
Victory: after four months of existence, the movement does not intend to find a leader, much to the chagrin of the authorities who have no one to spectacularly put their teeth into!
Victory: in the face of State terror, the creative and collective capacities of the yellow vests are constantly inventing new strategies!
Victory: the political parties, among the yellow vests, are seen with hostility!
Victory: after decades of humiliation, isolation and being crushed, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people are raising their heads!
Victory: the yellow vest movement inspires millions of people all over the planet!
Victory: on the evening of December 1st, the Medef [Mouvement des entreprises de France] asked its members to “give up some ballast vis-à-vis employees” “at the risk of losing everything” ….!
Victory: faced with the quantity and quality of discussions, research, inventions and exchanges, the “Great National Debate” appeared for what it is: a grotesque comedy whose only benefits are for the leaders!
Victory: it is more and more common to hear yellow vests refuse to bow to the false division between vandals [casseurs] and pacifists (!)!
Victory: the yellow vests are and remain the nightmare of decision makers, authorities and predators of all kinds!
Victory: the movement builds itself and gradually, with great confidence in its popularity and with the greatest mistrust of obsolete methods of organization!
Victory: the yellow vests put the issue of society as a whole at the center of discussions and reflections, not just work-related or sector-specific concerns!
Victory: most politicians debate ridiculously with each other about who is “the most yellow vest” or who “identified them before everyone else”, while the yellow vests look at them with indifference, contempt or mockery, according to the day!
Victory: the government has been ridiculed by the UN for “excessive use of force and severe restriction of rights to demonstrate”!
Victory: social networks finally seem inadequate to this thirst for meetings, exchanges and direct coordination between people!
Victory: equality, benevolence and tolerance are the intangible principles to which, in fact, the yellow vests hold!


The yellow vests of the roundabout of Campanile, named the Olivier’s roundabout, in tribute to our friend killed on December 20, 2018

Villeneuve-sur-Lot, March 28, 2019

(lundi matin #185, 02/04/2019)

Every week, our editorial staff receives numerous leaflets or calls that we are not able to publish as such, that is to say outside of any contextualisation and editorial work on our part. In this instance, we make an exception, with this release from the roundabout of Campanile de Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

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