Best Books of 2022


Hugo Garcia Manriquez
(Cardboard House Press)

Nathalie Quintane
Tomatoes + Why doesn’t the far left read literature
(Kenning Editions)

Simone White
or, on being the other woman
(Duke University Press)

Elsa Dorlin
Self-Defense. A Philosophy of Violence

Jacopo Galimberti
Images of Class. Operaismo, Autonomia and the Visual Arts

Stacy Szymaczek
The Pasolini Book
(Golias Books)

Marius Loris Rodionoff
(Éditions Amsterdam)

D.S. Mariott

Before Whiteness 
(City Lights)

After Marx: Literature, Theory, and Value in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Colleen Lye, Christopher Nealon
(Cambridge University Press)

Christophe Tarkos
Le Kilo et autres inédits

Will Alexander

The Contortionist Whispers
(Action Books)

Will Alexander
Divine Blue Light (for John Coltrane)

(City Lights)

When the Smoke Cleared: Attica Prison Poems and Journal
Editor: Celes Tisdale
(Duke University Press)

Pasolini-Bachmann, Gespräche 1963-1975, Vol. 1
& Fabien Vitali, Pasolini-Bachmann, Kommentar, Vol. 2
(Galerie der abseitigen Künste)    

On The Poverty Of Student Life Considered In Its Economic, Political, Psychological, Sexual, And Particularly Intellectual Aspects, With A Modest Proposal For Its Remedy
Edited by Mehdi El Hajoui and Anna O’Meara
(Common Notions)

Serge Daney
The Cinema House & the World. The Cahiers du Cinema Years, 1962-1981



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