riots and/or poetics [8/2018]


“he is as a neighborhood beauty queen / lauded with ribbons and canes / and with his lapdogs / who lick at the rottenness / seated at the right side / of mama democracy / he dialogues long / with the mouth of a murderer. / he raises his hand in that sustained and easy style / wiggles his fat ass / and with the boyish brilliance of an ephebe / he shits in the country / with all his soul“ Roberto Jorge Santoro | POETRY IN GENERAL (II)


Manson & Mendoza; Windsuckers & Onsetters: Sonnots for Griffiths
Andrea Brady, Alice Notley, William Rowe, etc.; Wretched Strangers
Ed Dorn; Collected Poems
Splinter Magazine Issue 3 (June 2018)
Nanni Balestrini, Primo Moroni; Die Goldene Horde
Maggie O’Sullivan; Body of Work
Images En Lutte; La culture visuelle de l’extrême gauche en France (1968-74)
David Wojnarowicz; History Keeps Me Awake at Night
Nikolas Asimos; Athens’ anarchist troubadour
Ernst Bloch; Geist der Utopie
Victor Serge; Memoirs of a Revolutionary
Chris Marker; The Cinémathèque Catalog
Jean-Luc Godard / Jean-Pierre Gorin; Five Films (1968-71)
Sean Bonney; Cancer: Poems After Katerina Gogou
Lisa Robertson / Matthew Stadler; REVOLUTION: A Reader
David Buuck; The Riotous Outside

Albert Ayler; My Name is Albert Ayler
Cecil Taylor; The Complete Nat Hentoff Sessions

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