Jacques Rancière | History, Politics, Aesthetics (Edited by Gabriel Rockhill & Philip Watts)

→  PDF Editor(s): Gabriel Rockhill, Philip Watts Contributor(s): Gabriel Rockhill, Kristin Ross, Alain Badiou, Eric Mechoulan, Giuseppina Mecchia, Jean-Luc Nancy, Étienne Balibar, Todd May, Yves Citton, Peter Hallward, Bruno Bosteels, Solange Guenoun, Tom Conley, Rajeshwari Vallury, Andrew Parker, James Swenson, Jacques Rancière, Philip Watts The French philosopher Jacques Rancière has influenced disciplines from history and philosophy to political theory, literature, art history, and film studies. His research into nineteenth-century workers’ archives, reflections on political equality, critique of the traditional division between intellectual and manual labor, and analysis of the place of literature, film, and art in modern society have all constituted major contributions to contemporary thought. In this collection, leading scholars in the fields of philosophy, literary theory, and cultural criticism…

riots and/or poetics [4/2019]

December Journal / 2017 secret idea / of yours / that you / could become a better person / if you read the right books // at the ica fred moten speaks of “battling with identity against / the backdrop of the denial of identity” // yes yes yes // I have to fight against my urge to ascetism and self-sacrifice / but I’m reading about simone weil again – she seems like the / most beautiful / she says, “when you decide something always do what will cost / you the most” // I would like there not to be grants / no crowdfunding / no paperwork to prove your need / no application to decide who…

Alain Badiou | Philosophy for Militants

Philosophy for Militants: PDF   An urgent and provocative account of the modern ‘militant’, a transformative figure at the front line of emancipatory politics. Around the world, recent events have seen the creation of a radical phalanx comprising students, the young, workers and immigrants. It is Badiou’s contention that the politics of such militants should condition the tasks of philosophy, even as philosophy clarifies the truth of our political condition. To resolve the conflicts between politics, philosophy and democracy, Badiou argues for a resurgent communism – returning to the original call for universal emancipation and organizing for militant struggle.    …

Alain Badiou | Metapolitics

Metapolitics argues that one of the main tasks of contemporary thought is to abolish the idea that politics is merely an object for philosophical reflection. Badiou critically examines the thought of anthropologist and political theorist Sylvain Lazarus, Jacques Rancière’s writings on workers’ history and democratic dissensus, the role of the subject in Althusser, as well as the concept of democracy and the link between truth and justice.

Reading Capital | The Complete Edition

Reading Capital: 50 Years Later //
Nina Power: Reading Social Reproduction into ‘Reading Capital

CRISIS AND CRITIQUE / 50 Years after May 68

    Introduction: 50 Years After May 68, Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza PDF Table of Contents   The Double Heritage of Communism to Come. 1917-1968-2018 by Bini Adamczak  PDF 1968-2018, or from the “revolution impossible” to the impossibility of revolution? Variations on the objet petit s by Eric Alliez  PDF Scattered Notes on “May 68” And its interpretations by Étienne Balibar  PDF The procedure of its Invention, the Construction of its Form, the Means of its Transmission by A. J. Bartlett  PDF Topicality of May 68 by Daniel Blanchard  PDF Will it Happen Again? Boredom, Anxiety and the Peak of Human Evolution by Franco “bifo” Berardi  PDF To Make the…

Jacques Rancière | Staging the People

Jacques Rancière | Staging the People The Proletarian and His Double  PDF   These essays from the 1970s mark the inception of the distinctive project that Jacques Rancière has pursued across forty years, with four interwoven themes: the study of working-class identity, of its philosophical interpretation, of “heretical” knowledge and of the relationship between work and leisure. For the short-lived journal Les Révoltes Logiques, Rancière wrote on subjects ranging across a hundred years, from the California Gold Rush to trade-union collaboration with fascism, from early feminism to the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” from the respectability of the Paris Exposition to…