riots and/or poetics [10/2018]

Version 2

“History is full of people who just didn’t. They said no thank you, turned away, escaped to the desert, lived in barrels, burned down their own houses, killed their rapists, pushed away dinner, meditated into the light. Even babies refuse, and the elderly also. Animals refuse: at the zoo they gaze through Plexiglas, fling feces at human faces. Classes refuse. The poor throw their lives onto barricades, and workers slow the line. Enslaved people have always refused, poisoning the feasts and aborting the embryos, and the diligent, flamboyant jaywalkers assert themselves against traffic as the first and foremost visible daily lesson in just not.“  Anne Boyer | A Handbook of Disappointed Fate


Wendy Trevino | Cruel Fiction

Lola Ridge | To the Many

Susana Draper | 1968 Mexico

The Blanqui Reader | Political Writings, 1830-1880

Walter Benjamin | Arcades-Work (Patrizia Bach) & benjamin-passagen

Karen Brodine | Woman Sitting at the Machine, Thinking

Futures of Black Radicalism | Edited by Gaye Theresa Johnson & Alex Lubin

Stuart Hall | The Fateful Triangle

Cecil Taylor | Student Studies

Richard Parry | The Bonnot Gang

Archie Shepp | Poem for Malcolm

Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giovanni Bofanti | 12 dicembre

Grachan Moncur III | New Africa

Elaine Mokhtefi |  Algiers, Third World Capital [Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Black Panthers]

The Kronstadt Rebellion




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