READING LIST [08/2017]


Atlantic Drift; An Anthology of Poetry and Poetics
Francois Dosse; Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari
Maurizio Lazzarato; Marcel Duchamp and The Refusal of Work
Bertolt Brecht; Arbeitsjournal
Étienne Balibar; The Philosophy Of Marx
Pier Paolo Pasolini; The Selected Poetry Of Pier Paolo Pasolini
Pier Paolo Pasolini; Unter freiem Himmel
Collected Works of Velimir Khlebnikov
Sean Bonney; Letter Against the Firmament
MÜTZE # 16 URS ENGELER (Robert Kelly, Jerome Rothenberg, et al.)
Georg Baselitz, Alexander Kluge; Weltverändernder Zorn
Ellen Meiksins Wood; Das Imperium des Kapitals

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