Jerome Rothenberg | Revolutionary Propositions & A Personal Manifesto

1) I will change your mind;
2) any means (=methods) to that end;
3) to oppose the “devourers” = bureaucrats, system-makers, priests, etc (W. Blake);
4) “& if thou wdst understand that wch is me, know this: all that I have sd I have uttered playfully—& I was by no means ashamed of it.” (J. C. to disciples, The Acts of St. John)

riots and/or poetics [8/2019]

The exact link is uncertain. But we know the Nazis loved / America; Hitler yearned to paint a twin, // a green room where the dead are everywhere. / Asked Abraham before the flame, to the obedient tribe // What are these statues you cling to? // Why calico, why Spanish moss, why the crickets scream. / Confederates raise the undead everywhere. // In a segregated graveyard, no stone reads / private or public; the local jail is everywhere. // Before another body is buried, a window is broken. / A window was broken. The window is broken. // I look everywhere for Fanon’s knife, waiting for…

Jerome Rothenberg | Autobiography 1977 The First One Hundred

     1  Archipelago of the wandering dream    2  A castle with two bodies    3  The figure of Rosa Luxemburg among the animals in cages    4  Midnight forest    5  Trains circling below the icy waters    6  A meeting in the bourse    7  The men come into the small locker room & order drinks    8  Picasso wears a hat with roses    9  He has shoes aglow with little lights 10  Electricity runs along the floor & in between the tables 11  Picasso & Rosa Luxemburg converse 12  Her face is the face of our…