riots and/or poetics [4/2019]


December Journal / 2017
secret idea / of yours / that you / could become a better person / if you read the right books // at the ica fred moten speaks of “battling with identity against / the backdrop of the denial of identity” // yes yes yes // I have to fight against my urge to ascetism and self-sacrifice / but I’m reading about simone weil again – she seems like the / most beautiful / she says, “when you decide something always do what will cost / you the most” // I would like there not to be grants / no crowdfunding / no paperwork to prove your need / no application to decide who gets to live // I create the conditions for my heartbreak or a neoliberal self- / help book wants me to think so // the word for spirit / the need to document / as a way of being / 
“attending to”  Marion Bell | austerity



Juliana Spahr | Du Bois’s Telegram

Harry Gilonis | For British Workers: Versions of Vladimir Mayakovsky and Others

Audre Lorde Your Silence Will Not Protect You

Marion Bell | austerity

Stephen Jonas | Arcana 

Raúl Zurita | INRI

Samantha Giles | Total Recall

Antonin Artaud | Apocalypse

Karine Parrot | Carte blanche | L’État contre les étrangers

Éric Alliez & Maurizio Lazzarato | Wars and Capital


Jacques Rancière | An den Rändern des Politischen

Alexandra Kollontai | A Biography | Cathy Porter

Emmanuel Moynot | Pierre Goldman

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